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My name is Mike Carmel and I've been practicing computer repair in Nanaimo since 1992 and working in the industry since 1988.

Mike Carmel

I love computers and the magic they can bring to every day life.  They can show us the most basic of daily information like weather, to more in-depth things such as how to build a house, or start a business.  They can expand your creativity like writing a book and how to publish it.  The applications are proving endless. 


I've built my career in Nanaimo since 1992 by being the guy who can explain things in a way you can understand.  By patience, and the ability to show you through those infuriating problems, helping you to leap those frustrating hurdles.

I love what I do.  Working with Home Users, and small business.   I like working with Seniors, many of whom are starting with a computer for the first time.   I want you to experience the world at your fingertips.  Discover interests and details you never knew were there. 

My Grandfather was an avid history buff, yet he was against the idea of having the internet in his home.  To this day, I can't help but wonder what joys he and my grandmother could have had with something so common and taken for granted as the internet.

I  started my career as a computer technician in 1988 in Edmonton, AB.  Despite some setbacks and other necessary jobs, I have never once been out of this practice.  I came to Nanaimo for a Computer Assisted Drafting Position.  Within 3 Months I found myself laid off and seeking work.  I found employment immediately, and began building a following of clients, some of whom are still with me today.  

For those who don't know me, I am happily married, since 1993, I have one daughter who is old enough to drive.  I enjoy writing, inventing and design like building 3D printers.  I love animals, and have a dog, cat and turtle.  I love computers and devices you can hold.  I love what I do, and hope I will get the opportunity to show you. 

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